One thing I was so excited about when moving to a house was the clothing line. I have always wanted a clothing line. I have always wanted my clothes out in the sun drying with the breeze. I didn’t really know why until I got older. To me it meant freedom. Seems silly, but it meant freedom from going to the laundromat, getting tons of quarters and spending close to $20 per trip. (wash and dry) Sometimes more if the dryers were set to low temps which some crappy places do. It meant I could take advantage of the sun. I could have my cloths flow in the wind and sway like the trees. It was freedom. I truly enjoy hanging my clothes on the line. Granted most of the time it’s really hot outside but hanging the clothes and gathering them has become some what of a form of meditation for me. It has become my calm. Plus it saves a lot of money.

I have happily been able to stop using the dryer. I strictly line dry. Sometimes fence dry if I have a lot….lol. I am working on not using the washing machine and getting some other option but I am not there yet. I have stopped using regular fabric softeners like Downy. I only use vinegar. I don’t even need to add any scented extracts. The smell of the vinegar rinses out. Which I figured it would because I’ve been using vinegar as a hair rinse for a couple years now. I am also hoping to stop detergent soon. I want to invest in some soap nuts or some alternative. I keep hearing about them and want to give them a go.

Not only has this process made me feel like I am doing something good for the planet. It has also saved money on electric bills. You should give a go. I understand it can be faster to put your stuff in the dryer. But what’s the harm in hanging some clothes on the line and watching them dance in the breeze. Don’t be afraid to dance right with them.

How do you incorporate simple living in your laundry time? Do you use vinegar or soap nuts? Tell me about it in the notes below.

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