I never thought I’d be doing a review for soap. I needed to because you see I am allergic to coconut. I have been for many years and as time progresses I find it more and more irritating. With the rise of the going natural movement as of late, I was excited. I thought finally I can get some natural products from my regular store. How wrong I was. You see coconut is all things holy to the natural & organic communities. When you read the products it’s always coconut oil. I was really heart broken and started looking into diy projects for beauty and for food. I’ll talk more about my facial care routine in another post. What I learned in my search for coconut free soaps is all those soaps on the market. Just your everyday soaps that aren’t marketed as natural or organic. Still have coconut.

You see Sodium Cocoate is a component of coconut oil. I spent several minuets in a Target isle looking at every single soap they had, bar and liquid. Guess what they all had. Sodium Cocoate. Well! That explains why my skin always, and I mean always feels itchy and irritated after a shower. I really couldn’t understand why if I was using moisturizing wash, why was my skin so dry. Why was it itching for hours after? Now I know. Now I guess you can say I am cheap but really I don’t like spending money if I can do it myself. I did the research on making your own soaps and for right I can’t house or purchase the supplies needed. So I went digging on etsy and other places for folks who already do this. Again so much use of coconut. I did however find one woman who informed me she uses no coconut or nuts of any kind in her products! Woohoo. However price wise, I was a bit hesitant. So I decided to head over to Vitamin Shoppe and just see what they have. That is where I came across Canus.

I’ve always wanted to try goat’s milk soap but they can be a bit pricey. Canus makes a vegetable oil base soap with goats milk. No coconut of any kind. YES! Around $4 per bar (at my local vitamin shoppe). Not too bad. My concern was how long will it last more than anything. Well here we are a month later and still doing well with that 1 bar of soap. My mother has been using it as well so I’ll give you her opinion of the soap as well.

For me:

The smell is wonderful. No over-bearing perfume smell, not overly sweet. Just a soft lovely scent that fades. It rinses clean off. I was worried this would dry my skin out because you get squeaky clean. There is no film left because which is very nice. Moisturizing. As I said above, I was worried it would dry my skin out but I didn’t one bit. I didn’t have to coat myself in lotion afterwards, just a little bit of lotion went a long way because my skin was crying out for moisture.

Long lasting. I have had this bar for a month or so now and I don’t even think I am half way done. It is a nice hard bar that lathers nicely. You don’t need that much which is also nice. I feel like I end up using more liquid soap than needed it just doesn’t last. This is truly holding it’s own. I keep it out of water of course on a soap holder so it can dry out after each use. I’ve used it on my face and my skin loves it. No breakouts, no dried skin, no excess oiliness.

My Mother:

Moisturizing for post-menopausal skin. If you are menopausal or post-menopausal you know how hard it is to keep your skin moisturized. This soap has made that process less difficult. The smell is pleasant and doesn’t stick around long, so no conflicting with body sprays. Clean rinsing. No greasy so called moisturizing film left behind, which can make you feel dirty after you’ve just showered.

In short, this is my new soap. I am sure there are many out there that was are just as good or better. But I am happy. I enjoyed this soap from the first use and still enjoy it. This is my soap and it’s here to stay. I visited their site and they are a lot more stuff. They are a Canadian based company that expanded into the US market with an office in Vermont. You should check them out. Get to know them and go buy their stuff. I have never done a product review but I felt the need to do this one for my fellow coconut allergy sufferers.

Have you tried their products? Are there others you enjoy using? Let me know in the comments.

*I was in no way compensated for this post. The opinions are of my own and my mother’s opinions hers. Links placed in this post is just a way for me to earn a little something through amazon affiliates. You are not obligated purchase through my link. *

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