So in my journey of living a simpler life I took notice of how often we use plastic as a means of “convenience”. For awhile I have been cutting back on living a disposable life. It has been hard but once I truly started taking it seriously I was amazed at how simple has been confused with convenience which in reality is just a way to justify the just toss it and don’t worry about it lifestyle. Think about it. It’s easy, simple, fast to just take a small mac & cheese cup and toss it into the microwave for a single serving. Look at how much time you’ve saved, and you don’t even need to do the dishes! But, all you’ve done is add to the trash pile and add to the amount of chemicals in your body. Is that really better? I don’t think it is. Can it be time consuming to make a fresh batch of mac & cheese? Sure. But you get to control what goes in it, you get to control what you store it in and yes you can make single servings. Take a look at meal prep folks and freezer cooking folks. I’d love to go into my love of meal prep and freezer cooking but this is not what this post is about. This post is about my ever growing collection of plastic free/less storage.


I love glass. I love the sound it makes when they clank together. I love hearing rice & beans pour into it. I love the fact the smell of old herbs don’t linger in the container. Trust me. You don’t want your peppermint suddenly tasting/smelling like oregano. Plus if they break it’s okay. Make it into something else or just recycle it. It’s glass!

My collection is an ever growing one. I am a huge fan of Pyrex and Anchor Hocking because they are durable and inexpensive. However my favorite source of glass storage is jars. Jars from jelly or pasta sauce (I haven’t gotten to a point of making and storing it myself, yet.). I’ve also been given containers from friends (those are the best kind of friends).

Here are some great sites that share ways to go plastic free as well as waste free!


Do you have a glass storage collection? What other ways to do reduce your plastic usage? Tell me about it below.

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