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Health & Fitness


I unfortunately don’t have much of an update when it comes to this health & fitness journey. Nothing I’d brag about at any rate. I didn’t fall off the wagon per say but I didn’t stick 100% to my plans for May. A lot work stuff came up as well as a bit of emotional stuff. I had more I needed to work through. More than I even realized. I am glad to say though, I feel I am finally over an emotional and self love hurdle.

It’s been awhile, but I truly feel happy. Happy about life. Happy about home. Happy about future plans. I am happy. This happiness is what I think I needed to get squared away. I have always been a person that allows emotions to determine my life and I came to terms with that. I had a lot of internal work to do and a month isn’t enough to really work out all the kinks. It’s something that will always need to be worked on, in my opinion. However, I jumped over a big hurdle and am in a place where I know from here on out will make living smoother and well, happier.

With that said, I have only lost a couple pounds, and an inch or two here and there. Because of that, this update will not include pics or measurements. This health update is all about my mental health. Mental health is something I think people forget to take into account when making changes to their life, especially body changes.

I encourage you to take time to evaluate your mental well being on a regular basis as you do your weight, measurements, eating habits, etc. Health isn’t just physical. Plus you’d be amazed at how your mental controls and affects the physical.

Do you do a mental self evaluation as part of your journey? What is included in that? If not, why? Would you? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

Till next time. Life is for living. Live it intentionally. ♥

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