Your morning really starts the night before. The way you wind down for the evening has a direct impact on how your morning goes, and kind of the day as a whole. Taking time for yourself before bed is highly important. This is your time to just let go of the stress that has accumulated. I know this can be hard. I am one of those people who is always going a 100 mph. Multi-tasking champion. I think that is how a lot of women are. We take on so much and wear so many hats. Now I want you to put on your self-care hat and create a night-time routine. It will take some time for it to set it, but I promise you it will and it will be of a great benefit to not only your body, but your mind. What you choose and need to do is up to you, everyone is different. So follow what your body is telling you it needs.

Here are some things that make for a relaxing evening for me. I didn’t list my actual routine because it changes depending on my needs that day.

Mini facials. I like to give myself a mini facial that will sometimes include a K-Beauty mask. What I love about these masks is many aren’t meant to be washed off so that is one less thing I have to do. But I steep a cup of tea, put on some music I like, gather all my stuff, and give my face a little pampering. By the time I am done, My tea is ready for drinking. I already notice a huge weight lifted. It becomes ritualistic, that routine become comforting.

Comfy sleepwear. One day I will wear very silk lingerie another day super soft plush pajamas. One thing I noticed is they are always soft and breathable fabric. That is what really works for me. I like the feeling of coolness and softness of against my skin.

A good book. Reading helps me shut out the world. It takes me somewhere else. I usually am reading 2 books at a time. The day is business or self-improvement related, while at night I prefer fiction. It forces me to get out of work mode. Also helps with my creativity because now I have to envision these worlds the book is creating.

Tea. I probably drink too much tea but I love it. The taste. The aroma. It’s all so relaxing. My two favorites are both by Yogi Teas. Yogi Bedtime Soothing Caramel and Yogi Tea Herbal Stress Relief, Honey Lavender*. They don’t make me sleepy per say, but they do just relax my muscles which helps me to get comfortable easier and just chill out.

Fan. I have a thing with white noise and breeze. No matter how cold it is, I need to feel a soft breeze and I need a little white noise to help hush the noise of dogs barking, my cats running around like a bunch of crazies, and the occasional car.


What routine have you created? You you ever consider creating a bedtime routine?


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