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Okay, okay there might be a little bit more. It’s true though, water is something that will make your mornings better. I always thought it was ridiculous and just a way to get people to drink more water. I would see people all the time talking about how a glass of water in the morning is all you need to get the day started right, lemon water this, lemon water that.

I hate lemon water. I am not that fond of plain water to be honest. Yeah I said it. I think water is gross. It has no flavor and yet, it does. With that being said I still decided to listen to the wellness folks and started drinking water first thing in the morning. I was always a coffee drinker as soon as I woke up. Then I moved onto tea (caffeinated). I now realize those are horrible choices. W

When you first wake up you are dehydrated, especially if you are a mouth breather like me when you sleep. Adding caffeine only adds to that dehydration. It also speeds up your body’s elimination process too much. As strong as your body is, it’s also a delicate little flower and needs some tender loving care.

Now I am not that person that rolls over as the sun shines a soft light into the room, and grabs the water that has been sitting next to the bed all night and chugs it down with glee. There is this thing called morning breath and it is gross. Just gross. I need to rinse my mouth out. I just do a simple hydrogen peroxide and water combo. I feel like a human after I do this, not some heavy breathing monster from beyond. Now it’s time for water. Supposedly room temp is best for your digestive track, don’t quote me on this. I do notice I am less likely to get bloated when drinking room temp as opposed to ice cold, however I live in Florida so the summer requires ice water 24/7. Y’all, they were all right. Water, just simple water really gets the day started right.

There are many reasons why I will keep doing this but the main reasons are:

1. A Clear Head. I tend to wake up feeling like my head is in the clouds and usually sporting a slight headache. I think this is because of my sinus issues that cause me to sleep with my mouth open more often than not and thus makes me more dehydrated than normal. As soon as I am half way done with my second glass of water, I feel dramatically better. Makes for focusing on work easier.

2. (TMI) Improved Eliminations. Not everyone wants to talk about this but we all do it. It’s important to have healthy bowel movements. Water certainly helps that by helping prevent the colon from taking the moisture it needs to function properly from your stool.

3. I Drink More. Surprisingly enough, I will end up meeting my water goals. I don’t know how it works, it just seems to work for me. I end up actually wanting to drinking more water through out the day and before I know it, water goal met!

Do you drink water as soon as you wake up? Thinking about it? Discuss it in the comments!

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