January 1, 2018


I wanted to start making a theme for each year. I did pretty well in 2017 but politically it was a hard year and I didn't cope well and totally lost my vision for the year. My energy was spent. I still am recovering but determined to push through in 2018.

2018 THEME:

So my theme for 2018 is Fearless.
I will not let fear dictate how I will live my life. I am determined to live my best life & live and intentional life instead of just getting by. That will involve me trying new things, traveling, take those business steps that are out of the box for me. Spread my wings and just jump. Fearless!

I am trying not to do typical resolutions. Instead I see them as goals with small steps that will lead me to my ultimate vision for my life. Some of these goals I have already start so I can go into 2018 on the right foot. Let's get to it.

2018 GOALS:

1. Learn a new language
2. Travel to Alaska to watch the Aurora Borialis
3. Read a new book each month.
4. Publish a book.
5. Have a successful launch and stable income for my millinery business.
6. Incorporate more vegan meals.
7. Practice yoga daily for physical & mental health.
8. Join a gym to enhance my fitness journey.
9. Embrace a more minimalistic lifestyle.
10. Spend more of my money on personal developments.
11. Invest in stocks & bonds.
12. Learn a new skill. I am eyeing wordpress coding.
13. Create a habit of waking earlier and having a more mindful morning.
14. Move.
15. Open a savings account just for traveling.
16. Document my weight loss & self love journey.
17. Pay off all debts.
18. Increase engagement on my social media accounts.
19. Run a Disney 5k
20. Go to events like live concerts, museum openings, etc.

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