January 8, 2018


It might seem silly to make a plan to pack but doing so can help prevent leaving stuff behind. It also helps prevent over packing. I am trying to get into the habit of only taking what is really needed for my trips. This way I don't have to worry having to do a lot of shopping. 

Make sure you check the weather where you are going. This is the best way to make sure you don't pack too many clothes you don't need or even want. No more freezing and no jacket or a jacket but no swim suit! Check the temps then move on to your next step in your planning.

Make a list. Seriously. Online, on paper, it doesn't matter. Make a list. Think about what you want to do on you trip and where you want to go. Plan on seeing a lot of movies or maybe museums. A camera may not be needed. Doing a lot of outdoor activities maybe bring some extra sunscreen. Make a list of everything you need to bring and how many of each object.  

Don't be afraid of having a bunch of containers. Bags for shoes are great not oly to prevent scuffing but to keep dirt off your clothes. If you have some clothing containers use those to keep everything organized. Don't forget a pouch for your plugs, makeup, etc. These don't need to be large you can be amazed about how much you can fit into small containers. 

Well I guess we really aren't folding. We are rolling. Rolling your items believe it or not can decrease wrinkles but free up so much more space. This is great to also use in packing cubes. Many will allow you to easily roll. I don't have these just yet so I just roll and place directly into my suit case. You can search yourtube for plenty of videos on using the konmari method for travel or organizing. This can be extremely helpful.

You do not need to take the full sizes of everything! Still have small containers from makeup samples? Containers from your last hotel stay? Use those. They take up less space but still allow you to bring your favorite items. Another trick is to get small versions of your favorite perfumes just for travel. Or go ahead and buy the travel containers from your local store. The dollar tree usually carries plenty and only $1!

This is great if you need to pack heavier items like a throw or coat. Just wear it. This way you know you have it with you but you aren't taking up space in your luggage. Count the outfit you are wearing as your travel outfit too. Again space freeded up! Wear the sneakers instead of the flipflops. They take up more space than you think in your suitcase.

Take advantage on your carry on tote/purse/backpack. Pack your lighter electronics in there or even your laptop if you need to do some work while traveling. Add in some snacks, water, wipes, etc. Don't forget skin care. you can easily put on a mask while flying or taking the train. It's a great way to relax and also keeping up with your skin care. I like to carry my plugs in my bag so I know I don't forget them.

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