January 4, 2018


As I started my journey into self love and wellness there have been a few youtubers that have really helped. I decided to share you with my top 5. I find myself always coming back to these youtubers. They always share quality information and you can feel their authenticity. 

Lavendaire was one of the first wellness & lifestyle youtubers I got hooked on. I loved not only the feel of her videos but also her ability to make you feel welcomed and comfortable.

Evan posts some great motivational and informational videos with people from all walks of life. I have taken several notes from things said in his videos.

Erin is new to me but I took to her quickly. I love her focus on helping women be boss bitches. She always provides good advice that can easily be inplimented into everyday life.

If you are not familiar with Gary you are really missing out. I honestly found him very abrasive at first but as I continued to watch more of his videos I realized there is a reason for his abrasive tone. He is not going to hold your hand. 

I love Mel. I do not understand how I never heard of her until a couple of months ago. Mel is the friend we all need. Bold. In your face. No sugar coating.

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