December 18, 2017


With the new year coming up and some huge blows to my life, I felt I needed to changes things. For the better of course but, I find myself going in a slightly different direction. I feel I need to follow my goals for different reasons. I want to help people in some form or fashion. In order to do this, I need to come from a place of love. Love for self before love for anything or anyone else.

Wellness is becoming a huge part of my healing and growth and I want to share that with you. Spiritual wellness from a feminine view point and healthy eating will be added to simple living and crafting on this blog.

I think with the way this world is going politically and environmentally, changes need to be made yesterday! My drive for a long time was 99% financial and that isn’t my drive anymore. I see financial abundance as a bonus from my focus of wanting to be of service. I hope my reach goes beyond the internet as time progresses.

See you in 2018.  

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