May 4, 2017


Not too long ago my city had a boil water notice go out. Now my city never had a boil water notice in all the years that I have I have lived here. I wasn't even that sure on why I was really supposed to do. After a couple hours, it got me thinking...

What if this was worse? What if this was a regular thing. Am I prepared? Can I handle boiling water for everything for long periods of time? The answer was no. Which is really shameful seeing that I live in in a state that gets lots of hurricanes. Hell, we even have a football team named the hurricanes. That should let you know how common they are here. I had only a couple bottles that I could keep water in and a big plastic jug in the fridge. That's all. Well, that won't get me far. So I started looking to see what was available. As much as I'd love to not have plastic I have to be realistic here. Plus I need to be able to easily store and access the items. 

I looked around and came across some neat storage containers that stack which is awesome because this will help save space. I also thought camping gear would be of good use just in case power went out as well during hurricane time. Below are just some items that would be useful primarily in a boil water order. Of course, they can be used any other time if you wish.

Camping Shower
I have this one. In a pinch, it's great as long as you have some place high to tie it too. Our shower wasn't high enough to allow the spray hose to work without kinking up. So we had to use it outside. Long term use would get annoying but for a few days, this would work well.  

Mass Storage
Even though I try to not to gt things that can't be just folded away when not in use, I really like these, I like the fact they stack and look easy to fill. It may take some time to fill them when boiling water, with only being 5 gallons each it shouldn't be too bad.  

If you are able to boil on your stove then go ahead and use the pots you already have. I do not have grill safe pots but this on is pretty nice. Lighter in weight than I expected and get's the job done. I like that it holds a good amount of water. Allowing the process to happen faster.

Water Bottles
For fast access when washing hands or drinking we always have glass bottles around. I swapped out my plastic and metal ones for glass. The glass bottles are a lot stronger than they used to be and the tops are usually bpa free which is nice.

All of these items can be used year round if desired. But they are just really handy when you freak out over a boil water warning like I did. :)

Have you ever had a boil water order? How long did it last? Were you prepared? Do you live off the grid and this is daily living for you? Let me know in the comments and share any other suggestions you might have. 

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