December 20, 2016


For my last post of 2016, I wanted to bring you some easy least crafts you can do with the kids. These are great crafts that don't require much in order to make it work. Its really great if there are a bunch of family visiting for the holidays.

We are going to make felt, ribbon and toilet paper roll ornaments. Yes, you heard that right. Toilet paper rolls! Now, enjoy the craft and do t try to make everything perfect. Children's crafting imperfections are works of art! Let's get started.


Toilet paper roll (1 per flower)
Glue (hot glue works the fastest)

Measure your roll and mark where to cut to make sure all petals are even. In the image each petal is 1/2 inch wide. Cut out your petals.

Paint inside and out if desired. Once fully dried glue together. If using regular glue or glue stick, use paper clips to hold in place while it sets.

Glue on your button in the center.

Once dry add glitter if desired. Tie your string around one petal and voila!


Any kind of felt in white, black, red- for snowman. Green- for the tree. (left over felt is perfect)
Beads or buttons in orange, black for snowman. Various colors for tree.(depending on size)
Thread and needle

Cut 2 - tree from green felt. Cut 2 - snow man from white felt, top hat from black. Cut one strip from red felt. Thus will be our scarf so just one strip will do.

Sew your beads or button to make the face and torso spots on the snowman and the "ornaments" for your tree.

Tree: create a loop with string and glue to the inside of the backside to the tree. Glue down the front of your tree and done!

Snowman: glue front and back of bottom part of snow man together. Glue head pieces together. Grab your red felt, glue the head and body slightly off centered onto the red strip. Take the shorter side and bring around the front to the opposite end, repeat with the rest of the scarf. You can do this any way you want, don't forget. These instructions are why I did. Now take your hat. Loop string and glue to the inside of the back piece of the hat. Glue to the back of your snowman's head. Glue other part of hat and you're done.


Ribbon (wide and thin, stiffer ribbon is perferred)
Embroidery Floss (more durable)

*If you don't want sharp needles around your kids, a blunt needle will work just fine. Just make sure your bead holes will fit the needle.

Candy Ribbon
This mimics those old fashioned ribbon candies. You can use more than one ribbon for a neat look.

Simple fold over your ribbon the same width, adding a bead in between.
Once you are at the end of your ribbon just create a loop at hang.

This follows the same pattern as the candy, the only difference is as you create a new fold it needs to be slightly smaller than the last.
End with a bead different than the rest to create your tree topper, create a loop to hang and voila!

These are great to make as decorations for gifts as well. Super easy and fast.

This will be my last post for 2016. This year had a lot of ups and downs. More downs than ups, but that is okay. I think it prepped me for kicking 2017's butt! I will be back for the new year, with some new projects and updates for the blog and store. I hope you will still stick around and join me for the new year, and many years to come.

I wish you all a wonderful and blessed holiday. 

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