October 20, 2016


Ever wonder if those eggs you bought last month are still good? I know I do. It happens when we are in an egg phase and I buy 3 or 4 cartons. However when I do that, we seem to suddenly be out of the egg phase. Instead of cracking open egg to smell it or see if it's discolored, there is a much easier method.

The water method:
All you need is some cold water in a dish deep enough to cover an egg. Fill you dish with the cold water and then drop your egg in. If it floats it's bad. If it sinks it's good to go. View the image below for some in between info.

Photo Via: http://greatist.com/ 

I honestly didn't know about this method until a couple of years ago. I would just toss out eggs which is a shame because I bet many times I could have still used them to baking. You can still go further by cracking the egg open. Obviously if there is any rancid or odd odor the egg isn't safe to eat. I mean this is truly a sure fire way. However the water test can at least help weed out eggs that clearly aren't any good. I have tested this, but I am no expert. I am only giving you my experience. Every time I have cracked open an egg that floated to the top it smelled horrible when I cooked it. Not as soon as I cracked it, but that could be because it isn't old enough. I've never had an egg make me feel ill or come out smelling funny when cooking when it stood up on one end. Please trust your own judgment however.

There are many ways to prolong the life of your egg. I have seen people coat their eggs in oil and put them in the fridge. I really don't know if that works but do not put them in the egg tray in the door. The door is not the cool enough for things like eggs or milk. Maybe the fancy schmany new fridges do but most run of the mill fridges do not. I wouldn't suggest putting them all the way in the back either. I notice the chances of them freezing increases. Unfortunately I have learned them the hard way. I tend to keep min in the middle shelf that doesn't get much action and is not as big. The temp doesn't seem to change as much there. I keep them in their carton, I don't swap them out. I do not know about fresh out the chicken eggs. Unfortunately living where I live you don't get fresh eggs like that. This has worked for me so feel free to give it a go if you don't already do these things.

What methods do you use for store bought eggs or fresh eggs? Share with me below!

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