June 30, 2016


One thing about creating a daily routine, is it always keeps you focused. It subconsciously and consciously take action towards your goals. Creating a routine also helps prevent a the what do I do moments. Sometimes we can be a little frantic in the morning, at least I am. I feel like a lost zombie when I wake up. Having my morning routine in place brings a sort of calm to the chaos.

I've also noticed something, I find that my day tends to be more productive and upbeat when I stick to my morning routine. Granted I have a general routine for my entire day to a certain extent but the morning routine is what really sets me up for success each day.

Now I do not live some crazy life where I am having to get kids off to school at a certain time, then rush to work, etc. I do however have a busy life and that is because I have goals I am determined to meet. I know in order to do that I need to set routines up and stick to them other wise I will find myself all over the place without totally completed projects. I run multiple small internet based businesses. Having my routine set into place has helped me become more organized, focused, and calmer.

I don't know if it's because I am a creative person so my mind is in chaos all the time that causes me to hate doing things at certain times. I seem to work better in blocks of time. For example, when I am working I have between 10/11am & 4/5pm to do what needs to be done. Most of the time I do that in 20 min intervals , but that is not concrete. It varies depending on what is on the to-do list for that day. Even though I am talking about routine and this is still a routine, it doesn't feel like one. I still feel free but I feel organized. That is important to me. My evening routine isn't as important as my morning in my personal opinion. But it does relax me and helps create a restful sleep.

Any who, onto my morning routine.

  • Wake Up
  • 10-15min Meditation
  • Stretch
  • Get coffee or tea started
  • Let the cats and dog out into the yard
  • 7-10 min workout (I use the app 7min workout on android)
  • Ear a light breakfast with my tea or coffee outside while the animals play and chill
  • Once everyone is inside, I go over my to-do list
  • Wash any dishes from the previous night
  • Sweep (when you have a home covered in tile you sweep daily..lol)
  • Shower (morning shows really wake up the system, especially with my coffee scrub)
  • Check emails, social media, orders
  • Then I get to my to-do doing the 20 min intervals

  • Write up the to-do list for the following day
  • Stretch, light exercise
  • Let dog out last time
  • Meditate (in bed)
  • Stretch (in bed)
  • Read for 30mins (it is my goal to get a minimum of 30mins a day I usually get some done in the afternoons but I always make sure I do 30mins at night this way I never miss it)

My routines aren't too constraining or difficult which is great. So far this has been working wonders for me. What routines do you follow? Do you do a routine for morning, night or both? Let me know in the comments.

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