September 13, 2014

Make Time for Yourself

Some may call it a ritual. Some call it a routine. It's just a series of activities you make a point to do every day. We all need to set time aside for ourselves be it 5 mins or 30. Finding something that just brings a smile to our face also brings peace to our minds. Making it a point to take a few mins for yourself is good for you mental health and well being. This is good for all but, women seem to take on too much. Thus putting ourselves last in life. All this does is tires us out and adds to frustrations in our daily lives. Below I will give you an example of my current routine. Your routine should change as you need it to. Don't think you need to do the exact thing every day. But you should make time for yourself. No matter how busy you are, you can find 5 mins just for you. Wake up early, go to bed a little later, maybe add a few mins to your workout, stop by the coffee shop when running errands. Whatever you need to do, make the time.

Sample Routine:
7am - wake up and go for a walk in the growing garden. Talk to the plants, and enjoy a cup of tea.
8am - workout

The rest of my day is spent housekeeping, crafting, researching and any errands I need to do.

The evening time I set aside for myself varies. But I make a point to sit in silence outside and meditate.

Care for yourself. Find the time. You need it.

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