September 10, 2014

Disappointment Does It Have To Equal Defeat?

Recently I have had some disappointments in my life. Just like anyone else. Disappointment at not getting that promotion at work, that incredible friend of a friend won’t talk to you or a strong friendship dissolve into nothing. Or even finding disappointment in yourself for not fulfilling a lifelong dream or meeting a personal goal. Does that disappointment have to equal your defeat? Absolutely not!!

Let’s turn back the clock to our tender years on the playground. You fell off the monkey bars and what did your parents tell you? Get up, it’s not worth your tears, and try, try again. So you’ve been downsized or just served your divorce papers. It’s not the end of the world. It’s time to take a personal inventory physical and mental.

Personal Inventory – Physical & Mental

Resume/ What do I like to do for fun or work?

What do I own? (House, car, property, jewelry, art, etc....)

What can I offer? (Skills, knowledge, experience, storytelling, etc...)

Where do I want to be? (Owning my own business, getting my master’s degree, taking cooking classes, etc...)

Who do I want to associate with? (Do you want to be surrounded by people that motivate/inspire you or people that pick you apart and tell you how horrible of a person you are?)

What will make me happy?

See, what did I tell you? You had more in you then you thought. Just don’t think the small stuff doesn’t matter...yes, it does. The little things you know how to do or have to offer can snowball into other opportunities. It just takes time and perseverance. 

Just because you received a disappointment, does not mean you have to sulk and take it. Turn it around and find the positives. Recently unemployed go back to school or look into certificate programs. 

Recently divorced join a meetup group near you and socialize with people with similar interests. In the end the choice is yours. Succeed or failure will depend on you either taking that first step or doing nothing at all. I hope you choose to take the first step. I’m rooting for you!

September 15, 2011 by Sarai Santiago- Edited June 14, 2014
Originally posted on the Blog SS Dreams & Ponderings

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