November 2, 2012

DIY Decor on the Cheap - Frames

So I decided to start a new regular blog post about diy decor but reusing what you have and/or spending as little money as possible. The first installment is Frames!

(1) Gather your materials. 
Frames ($2 from Wal-Mart), Glue, Fabric, Scissors, Brush, Cat, (Not shown paint, hot glue gun, buttons for establishments)
You can use whatever materials you want. As crafters we tend to have these items on hand. Try not to buy anything, search your home first and see what you have! I did not have any frames I was wiling to separate from their pictures so I did end up getting some from wal-mart.

(2) If you are not going to cover your frames with fabric or the fabric you will choose is sheer, paint your frames. I used white at first but changed my mind. I ended up painting on with Martha Stewart's Craft Paint in Blue Sky Satin Finish. Covers well even on these crappy plastic frames.

(3) Cover in fabric, embellish, etc. However you want. Lay your items out prior to gluing to make sure you like what you see. I ended up covering one in a burlap like fabric and adding buttons. The frame I ended up painting blue I added doilies to the corners. And voila!

 (4) Please note. With some frames they won't fit the glass anymore when adding fabric. I decided to remove mine and store them for later use. I added these fantastic printables from:

*This craft took make 30 mins all together, mostly waiting for paint to dry. I did use hot glue gun to hold down the buttons and the doilies. The awesome thing is, if I decide I don't like it anymore, I can just take everything off and reuse it all!

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