March 4, 2012

Baking Soda is all you need.

I am not a fan of gold. I have always loved silver. I do not however love the way it tarnishes. For many years I used the really stinky chemical filled silver cleaners. They work wonders do not get me wrong. However it isn't conducive to natural living or even simple living for that matter.

So I started to dig around for natural silver cleaners and what did I find?
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Now I knew that baking soda was a wondrous product for cleaning the home and your teeth but I didn't realize just how great it is for jewelry. It really gets into the nooks and crannies. What I like about using baking soda is you don't need a lot. Just make a paste (usually 3:1 baking soda, water ratio), and work it all into your jewelry. Here is a pair of earrings I cleaned with baking soda.

(left: before | right: after {halfway}) 

There are a lot more uses for baking soda as well. Toothpaste, Carpet Deodorizer, Deodorant, etc. Check the link out below for more tips!

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