August 30, 2010

sites of the week

This weeks Sites of the Week has been posted.

First up when have Peek A Boo: Also known as Boo plus two. You must pay this lovely woman a visit. She is just a doll and her family (kids: Autumn and Parker, hubs: Doug) is just as adorable. She recently moved and got some little pugs and is quite active on facebook! Stop by and pay her a visit, tell her I said hi and giggle along with some funny posts.

Second we have a site I came across just a short time ago: The Secret Stitch Club. I adore this site. This is the site I saw the picture frame dry erase boards and have been hooked on this site since. They have some great tutorials for various projects. I do love projects. What I like most is this is not a solo blog. It is a group of folks that bonded over a love of aprons (who can blame them!) and are still going strong.

Last but least we have Rants from Mommyland. All I can say is ROFLMAO! This site is not only informative but it is like a release for us mommy's. Don't worry if there is something on your mind. I guarantee at some point they talked about it good and bad. If they haven't give them some time they will!

*Want to be randomly selected, add my button to your blog or site and let me know. Sites are randomly selected each week!!!*

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