August 24, 2010

Kids aren't supposed to write...

That is the impression I get lately. When doing a search for penpals (which I am assuming is called that as a short way of saying penmanship pals, but who knows) if some of the sites were "valid" they charged you or were EMAIL PENPALS. Ok I get the desire to lower the use of paper and trees. I get it I do. But you know what they make recycled paper, and you can make your own. Not to get off topic...

Other sites were disguised as penpals sites but in reality was a dating or"hookup" site for adults. Especially the military ones. Are children NOT supposed to write anymore? Are they supposed to be so glued to the computer that don't know how to write a simple thank you note or a short letter befriending someone from around the world. Are they only supposed to be able to write ABC but not make REAL sentences with them?

Annoying search today that is for sure. I am in deep thought on creating my own penpal program. FOR FREE....FOR KIDS! Maybe for parents to connect with other parents especially those that may be ill. Let's be honest. Nothing will ever beat a nice heartfelt hand written card just for the heck of it.

♥love & light, Ladysilveroak


  1. You know, they don't teach cursive any more. I'm torn--I love the lack of waste, but I regret the loss of full communication.

  2. Oh I agree. I justify it with the abundance of etsy sellers making recycled cards and paper. I am glad I homeschool, we get to do penmanship whether he likes it or not...LOL.


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