August 28, 2010

diy dry erase boards

I came across a site not too long ago that showed how to re-purpose picture frames for dry erase boards. I personal love this because some dry erase boards over time won't erase completely unless you use those mr.clean pad things that seem to clean everything. Those freak me out by the way. I still have yet to find out what they are made of... o.O Anyway here is the site, and below are a couple snapshots of 2 I did. Didn't take long. I made it simple because I plan on adding some fabric flowers to the small one in the kitchen and some more feathers to the one in my spawns room. I chose brown packing paper because well its simple. I like simple. If I come across some awesome fabric or paper (upcycled of course) then I can just switch it out.

You will need:
Glue, Tape or Hot Glue Gun
Fabric or Wrapping Paper
Any frame of your choosing
Scissors (if you need to trim stuff down)


Once you combine this you get:


Yes a little boring but they will do for now.

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