August 6, 2010

Death of a garden...

So my plants are all on their last legs. Well was. I had to uproot everything and toss it. Some may say use them in a compost. I can't. Some have blight. Some are infested with pre-moth critters. Plus I don't have a compost at the moment. I am dying to get this: 

But it will take a min. I have other things I want to get. Back to the topic at hand. Other problems that ruined my plants was the heat. It came hard and fast. No amount of watering could help them. I am sad. Discouraged. Disappointed. I will try again later in the year with seedlings maybe. I am not sure. I am going to be much more serious and take lots of notes and make lots of plans. Even though it is just a balcony garden it will prepare me for the future when I have a farm. And I will. Somehow I will. So the soil will be getting some worm castings soil mixed with it and it will be set aside until I am ready to use it again. *sigh* RIP Dear Garden Dreams.

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