June 16, 2010

Mini Compost - The Creation

After reading this post Cascadian Farms made on a DIY compost for kids. The spawn and I had to try it. So we saved some banana peels and lettuce. Saved the sunchips bag (it's biodegradable now) and used some shredded paper and left over hamster cage untreated pine chips. I couldn't find a container that was clear and I refuse to buy something just for this. (How does that teach recycle, reuse, reduce?!?) So I waited until the apple juice container was empty (the spawn loves the apples what can I say).

Once all that was saved and collected and all that jazz we began!
I didn't think he'd be that excited but boy was he. He made a chart to mark what was put in when so we can remember the different layers. Added a lil water, shook it up and voila time for sun!!!

Granted won't see much of anything for a week or two but it is ok. It is a beginning step in his understand of bettering the earth and the benefits of homemade compost. Once this is all done we'll add it to my bucket o' dirt (huge rubbermaid container I store soil in, keeps it moist and healthy and lovely!) In time I intend on getting a worm compost. I think this first step is a great thing for both of us. I hope you all try it with your kids, grand kids, friends kids, or random children you grab (I wouldn't suggest this the law seems to frown on this sort of thing).

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