April 22, 2010

Food Inc.

Can I just say WOW. My view on things have changed. I will still research more because I can't just take a movie or w/e word on things. I still need to take the conscious choice to teach myself wtf is going on. But this is a MUST SEE if you haven't already.


  1. Heh... funny thing about the local farmer's markets (at least the one in the City Beautiful), most of the stuff is trucked from elsewhere, and I don't mean Homestead. Like Lake Placid & such.

  2. I watched this movie last Fall. I was vegetarian before and went back to eating fish from the Great Lakes only. But, after watching Food Inc I am back to being vegetarian. My sister told me to watch this movie and she also went back to being vegetarian. :)

  3. I am a big fish person. My vegetarian process will be a slow one. In the mean time I am searching high and low for humane animal farmers. I have come across a couple here in Florida I just have to check them out. However long term intentions will be to either be pescetarian or vegetarian. I have nothing against eating meat. To each his own but I don't condone inhumane treatment there is no reason for the way farmers and corps treat animals. That movie sure does open one's eyes.

  4. My bfff has told me so much about this movie that I feel like I've already seen it.

    While I tried vegetarianism a few years ago for almost a year, my body just isn't built for it. Instead I eat a very diverse diet and the meat I do consume is organic and grass fed in the case of red meat.


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