January 29, 2010

25 in 2010

♥am not too fond of utensils. I love eating with my hands.
♥despise wearing makeup but love to view the M.A.C counters.
♥am a farm-girl at heart but my undies scream city-girl.
♥dream of a home in the country with mountains and enough land for family to live on, grow some food, raise some animals {goats, sheep, chickens}.
♥wouldn't mind making my dream home into a bed & breakfast.
♥love purple and green.
♥adore extremely flavorful food such as Moroccan and Japanese foods make me smile.
♥am not nice till I have my Chai Tea in the morning unless I am with my man.
♥only 5'1 and way too curvy...lol
♥crave vintage cameras, lingerie, and trinkets. they are a mental obsession.
♥love butterflies, ravens and black panthers are my fav creatures.
♥really really really like thrift stores and old clothes.
♥am a cancer baby in the year of the horse.
♥am right handed and wear my watch on my right hand.
♥am lactose intolerant but worship cheese.
♥love being barefoot.
♥find the rain to be beautiful and relaxing.
♥used to hate love, now I love love :)
♥get confused with Latin often.
♥am Irish, Blackfoot, White & Black American
♥felt pregnancy was the best thing EVER!
♥adore cutesy things, I just don't admit it.
♥look forward to living in N.C. when time and $$$ permits.
♥miss NY in the winter.
♥love snail mail. Post cards, love letters, cards for a certain occasion. I plan to make a scrap book of various love notes, cards and postcards I may find at random.

Name 25 things about you. It can be goofy or serious. Up to you. Just pick 25 things about you at the top of your head. Don't go digging. Things will just randomly pop up.


  1. These were great!
    I love random lists like this.

    I actually did 100 facts about myself a couple years ago. I'll have to find it and repost it for all my new friends on blogger. :)

  2. I love this list! And you blog is just wonderful. Thank you for adding me to your loves...xoxop


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