November 4, 2009

Food and Books

{are they helping the spawn work or forcing him to stay and do his work?}

{yummy and cheap beef stew}

Yummy & Cheap Stew

1 - 2 lbs of meat {i used london chuck roast or something rather , it was on sale}
4-5 potatoes {i prefer yukon golds but use what you like}
3-4 carrots
1 large onion
4 smashed garlic cloves
4 small - med yellow squash
salt & pepper
1 can beef broth
1 can veggie broth

{total cost was about $10 and filled 3 pasta sauce jars + 3 bowls for dinner, each jar holds about 2-3 bowls worth}

1. Heat the oil. While it is heating chop up your beef, coat with salt & pepper then dust with flour. Chop up onion. Smash garlic.

2. In sets fry all sides of beef. Once it is done set it aside.

3. In the same pot cook your onions. Once they are half cooked add beef back and a little water. {just a little and put lid on to somewhat steam and keep moisture in.}

4.Chop up squash, carrots and potatoes. Add carrots and potatoes to pot.

5. Add beef broth, veggie broth, and 2 cans of water.

6. Let these cook for 30mins. Then add basil and sage {rosemary is nice too}

7. Let cook another 30mins then add squash, more salt and pepper if needed.

8. Let it cook for another 1 hour on med-low heat. Why so long? The beef just falls apart in your mouth as it cooks. Keep the lid on, the steam also cooks it and keeps things moist and just makes the meat crumble.

9. Once it is done pour your bowls then quickly pour into jars. Add the lids {clean jars and lids please} and stick in the fridge. Little trick I learned. The jars will reseal themselves. My potato soup is still in the fridge {not freezer} and is still fresh {I opened a jar yesterday}.

Enjoy! This is also AWESOME with lentils and/or barley!!


  1. I don't eat beef or pork, but I could definitely try this with chicken instead. It sounds wonderful for very little money.

    Goddess knows we need cheap meal ideas. We're not doing so well financially right now. Bah. that picture of you son and pets. :)

  2. It works great with a hunk of Turkey breast or chicken. Just make sure to use some of the dark meat. That will had the right amount of oils needed to add more flavor.

    :D Thanks he hated me taking the pic..he was trying not to laugh.


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