October 31, 2009

Samhain 2009

(poem by: Chanticleer )

The drums of Samhain keeping time.
The gates of magic open wide.
A cauldron's blessings overflow.
The candle flames are dying low.
The witches dance the circle 'round
to chant and bring the power down.
Hecate will hear our call
to turn the summer into fall.
The magic veil is growing thin.
The Netherworld is near our own.
We'll see the sacred fire fed
while witches commune with the dead.
The winds of Autumn call our names.
The driving rhythm slowly calms.
The glowing embers we will tend
until the drums of Samhain end.

Blessings to you and yours!


  1. Wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing. Best witches for a spooktacular Halloween. ~ Sarah

  2. Hope it was wonderful! I'm wishing I had slept in this morning...

  3. Beautiful poem! I'm sorry I haven't visited for awhile. For some reason, I wasn't getting your update alerts.

    I had to unsubscribe and then resubscribe for them to show up.

    I promise, I wasn't ignoring you on purpose. :)

    I do hope you had a blessed Samhain!


  4. I think because I changed the name from The Old Oak Tree to the Old Silver Oak. It might have messed up for everyone..LOL.

    And I did..it was great. Hope yours was blessed as well!


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