October 2, 2009

Crafts & Glue & Blogs Oh My {Updated}

I totally have too many blogs listed so later I will be cleaning out those that don't post anymore or don't most very often to shorten the list...(looks over and eeeps)

Anywho I missed Day 1 of crafting (I was getting stuffing)
SO Day 2 of crafts!

Tissue Paper Hurricane (Jar) Lamps
I so love expo markers to write on glass jars, it wipes off easily after wards for a holiday change!

Updated Part: Oh yea what is this black hat society I am seeing around?
Blessed Be, LadySilverOak


  1. Oh don't loose me - I love your blog!! Wow girl you have redecorated!! Looks wonderful! Was fun to see you pop in and see my oaky stuff!! How are ya hon??? Blessings, Sarah

  2. I love the glow from these! Super cute too!

  3. Love those! I'm glad to see you back at blogging. Have missed you.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Grrr typos let me try this again.

    Sarah: :D I love your stuff and thank you I finally found something I really like for fall/halloweenie. I am doing ok thanks for asking and yourself?

    Rue: So do I...I love the color the orange tissue paper gives off.

    Sara: Gotta love those quick and cheap crafts...lol. I am glad to be back blogging thank you :D

    Love & Light To All!

  6. Hello LadySilverOak...(what else can I call you?)

    Thanks for coming to visit me...
    It seems we have a lot in common...I homeschool...and my mum lives with me (I know just how you feel!)
    And we are both crafty!

    I see that you have my little witch button...so I have snaffled yours and added your little owl to my blog.

    I'm so happy to meet you sweetheart!
    See you again soon. Celia.

  7. Love your decorations!

    I've added your button to my blog and I see you already have mine. Thank you so much!

    So looking forward to getting to know you better. :)



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