October 16, 2017

Paperless & Going Digital – Revisited

So I have finally gone paperless! So I am revisiting my going digital journey.

I will have to say it is the best choice. I am a bit of a multitasker (I lost my mind and decided to work on creating multiple businesses) and now with my mom’s doc visits and what not writing everything down was not working anymore. I don’t even allow them to give me paper appointment cards or slips. Just email or tell me and boom, saved. There are a lot of apps I try out but the ones I keep going to are below.

This is actually my first stop in the morning. I don’t watch news on TV anymore because it is 90% negative. With smart news I can choose what I want to read about first thing. I choose usually science, health, nature articles. On occasion if I know something major is going on, I will take a quick glance at the “front page”. But I like that I can get a general run down rather quick so I am not too bogged down with negative feelings first thing.

I love Trello with a passion. I am sure by now you have seen loads of people talk about it. It has truly because my to do list, blog planner, project planner, and so much more. It is every notebook I have ever had in one little place. I use it on my desktop. I used to use it on my kindle but the app is gone. Did you know all the stuff you add to Trello can be easily added to your google calendar! So helpful.

I use Dropbox in a more organized manner. This is where (when I remember) I keep downloadable pdfs for recipes and what not. I also use it as a backup for all blog posts. It is a more organized form of storage for me. I use this app on my laptop as well as kindle so I can have quick access to files when traveling because I no longer take my laptop with me.

Google Drive
Google Drive is my back up mainly. I have one for each email as a means to make up each business. I keep copies of business recipes, important laptop files, copies of insurance/ids/etc. I will also use this when I see something that inspires me or something I need to file later. Since it doesn’t take up much cell phone space I keep this instead of Dropbox, and I just sort later on when I am at the laptop. I use this on my laptop as well as my phone.

I was introduced to this through a youtuber and fell in love. I wanted to take my Instagram to the next level and be a bit more organized with it especially since a couple businesses will really need the images to sell. So I added this to my phone and it’s accessible for your computer as well. It really helps you plan and organize your posts ahead of time allowing you too see how it will look once it’s finally posted. Which is great if you want to keep a certain theme or “look”.

MyFitnessPal & Fitocracy
I have stopped trying to track my macros and keep track of what exercise to do and how well I am doing them via paper. It’s just too confusing at times for me. I want to put more time into building my businesses so it makes more sense for me to just put some info in a program and move on. I use MyFitnessPal on my phone mainly because the scan option makes things go faster and tend to be more accurate. I use Fitocracy as a support system for working out. I love the point system to level up and I love that people root you on even if it's small progress.

So many blogs. So little time. Honestly why would you use any other way to read and keep up with all the wonderful blogs out there!

This I use for so many purposes. I have a section for receipts for each quarter for each biz. At the end of the quarter a copy goes to google drive for long term storage. I like using this for my recipes because I can just take a pic. It is my alternative to scanning recipes for tax purposes later. A inspo section. Mostly random notes or pics that are added at random. I also keep my writing projects here. I try my best to write daily. I use this both on my laptop and kindle. I noticed the kindle app is where I tend to do the book writing the most. Those late nights can be full of creativity.

Google Calendar
I have a calendar for each business. I kid you not. This way I can add Trello info to each section and I can choose to see everyone posted on my calendar or just look at each one. I put all and ever appointment in here. This is the only way I remember when holidays are half the time. Lol. I did away with the wall calendars and paper planners. This in conjunction with Trello has been a life changer.

October 12, 2017

5 Self Care Tips

Back in May, I rushed my mother to the hospital. She was vomiting even after having just water, extremely lethargic, and complained of pressure on her chest. Within 20 mins of filling out ER forms she was rushed into emergency heart surgery She was in active cardiac arrest. She had almost 100% blockage in the rear valve causing them to put in 3 stents. Between May & July, she was in and out of the hospital for various issues including fluid in her lungs, asthma resurfacing, heart beating too fast her body didn’t know what to do. I would like to say before I go any further she is doing amazingly well, so much so she has gone back to work albeit a lesser stressful position.

It all happened so fast. It was back to back, stuff. I never actually had time to process it all till around late August. Which is were I lost it. I mean totally lost it. I cried every day for about 2 weeks straight. I mean collapse in the shower screaming like a hungry baby crying. I was a wreck. I was scared of myself. I had never had such a rush of emotions hitting me with such forces, 24/7. I am still working through it, but I want to share with you my tips that helped me find some level of calm.


  1. Knowledge Understand 100% of what is going on or happened Seriously. Make them ALL explain it to you in a manner in which you understand. Read everything they give you. No matter how scary some of it may sound and how disturbing the possible outcomes can be, having knowledge helps prevent your mind from going bat shit crazy.
  2. Team. Have a support team from all different directions. I am not that close with my family but I will admit me having to constantly report to them what was going on, created a routine that I needed at that time. The most important part of my support team was my best friend. I could just cry and not say a word and she was there. She didn’t try to drown me in motivational quotes or advice, she just let me breath. Breathing to me was just crying. I had to stay calm to make sure my son didn’t getting too worried, and I also couldn't add to my mother’s stress having to worry about me. My boyfriend was also a big help even though he became a bit of a punching bag for awhile. However his humor lightened the mood sometimes and it was more helpful than I realized at the time.
  3. Food. This might sound stupid but meal prep was a help. For days I didn’t want to cook, being able to just toss something in the microwave to reheat was great. So get some meal prep or freezer cooking done before the break down so it’s there. If a friend or family member has offered this, TAKE THEM UP ON IT.
  4. Quiet. I rarely turned on the TV or radio. I sat in silence a lot. I would go on line from time to time but still. Always silent. When something like this happens there is a lot of commotion coming at you from all kinds of directions and I don’t just mean all the stuff hooked up to your loved one in the hospital. Having time to just be in silence is amazing. If your quiet time is meditation, try to increase it. Really embrace the quiet.
  5. Routine. I felt like a chicken with it’s head cut off for awhile there until I forced myself o get back into my routines. 7Am-Coffee, News. Sunday-Laundry Day. Friday-Wash Dog. Etc, etc, etc. I felt like I had some part of my life that I was truly in control of while keeping to my routine. I also felt like everything is going to be okay because look I'm doing laundry on Sunday. This is normal. Everything is normal. Life is not spinning out of control. It’s a trick, I know, but it does help bring some calm. It helped. I really did.
I hope you don’t have to experience something like this because it truly is a whirlwind of wtf’s but perhaps this simple tips can help if you are put in a similar position.
Have you gone through a health scare yourself or with a family member? What worked for you? Please share in the comments and perhaps they will resonate with someone else.

October 9, 2017


16oz Turkey Sausage
1 cup Milk
1 can Buttermilk Biscuits
Salt & Pepper to taste
Parsley (optional)

  1. Open your can of biscuits (I used the grands flaky 8 count) and get them in the oven. Follow the instructions on the can and adjust as needed for your oven & location.
  2. While your biscuits are baking get started on the sausage gravy. Cook according to instructions.
  3. Once your sausage is fully cooked sprinkle in some flour. This will help create and thicken our gravy.
  4. Slowly add your milk. Add more or less liquid depending on your gravy consistency preference. I like a medium thickness and since I added a little too much flour, I added a little more liquid (water).
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste. I would be a little careful with the salt since sausages especially turkey sausage tends to be a bit on the salty side.
  6. By this time your biscuits should be done so take those out and just pour your gravy all over your biscuits and enjoy!

You can also add some eggs if you want something extra but this by itself is a very filling and hearty meal. I chose to use turkey because pork and I don't get along physically & mentally. Pork is really not welcome in this home and as I am slowly incorporating more plant based foods. Normally I don’t use processed foods if I don’t have to but this was a craving and I just wanted something quick. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately so this was a quick fix and I am good for a few years.

You can totally make this vegan. I won’t even begin to tell you what to use. But if you are a vegan I am sure you know what alternatives to use. I would love to hear the alternatives that worked for you if you try this out. So please come back and share in the comments below!
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